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A Charter for Change

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In response to the killing of George Floyd in the USA protests occurred throughout the world. The groundswell of protests in the US and the UK represents a crucial moment. These protests adopted and heightened the prominence of the Black Lives Matter movement.


In Derby on 7th June 2020, up to 2000 people gathered outside the Council House to voice their concerns. The dominant theme of this protest was for Change. A specific demand was a call for wider Black representation in all sectors across the city of Derby and notably for an end to the exclusion of Black people from local political representation.


Following the Rally members of the Black community in Derby developed a strategic plan of action to address issues of racism with specific reference to the Black community. The cumulative outcome of the aforementioned events concludes that the choices we make today will have a lasting impact for generations to come. Black Lives Matter Derby recognises the need to work in partnership, collectively, openly acknowledging the racial imbalances inherent in society, and to seize the opportunity to set a new precedent for the future of the city of Derby.


The Manifesto from Black Lives Matter Derby – ‘Charter For Change’ is a statement of action needed to address the racism experienced by the Black community. This a transformational moment.